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NeuroSignal XL evolved into Tradecision, stand-alone trading software for active and professional traders.

Alyuda made the strategic decision to stop any further development of the MS Excel add-in because today’s traders look for high-level trading analytics, sophisticated techniques and reliable market data, which can only be offered by a single software package. Tradecision is Alyuda’s answer to this demand. Tradecision is a cost-effective, high-functioning trading software application, with powerful analytical functionality and wizard-driven capabilities.

As usual, the Alyuda Support Team provides free technical support for all NeuroSignal XL users.


Full information on the Tradecision software, Online Tours, demos, Knowledgebase, user manual, can be found at www.tradecision.com. Do you have a question? Contact us at sales@tradecision.com.


Tradecision offers you an unmatched combination of trading tools in a single software package:

Trading Systems
Neural Networks
Studies & Indicators
Money Management
Advanced Charting
Elliott Wave Analysis
Data Management

To learn more, visit www.tradecision.com.

Read a review of Tradecision in Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine
Read a review of the Tradecision trading software in Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine (June 2005 issue).
(PDF, 800 Kb)

Tradecision comes in three different:
- Standard: $698
- Professional: $1198
- Real-Time: $1598

Special offer:NeatScan market scanner (add-in to Tradecision) is free for visitors of this page.
Usual price is $99.

To compare editions, visit

   Supported data vendors:
eSignal, IQfeed, Interactive Brokers, Worden, free Yahoo end-of-day data.
   Special Techniques:
Elliott Wave Analysis
Jurik Research's tools
Hurst exponent
   Users Experience:
Tradecision Talks
Message Board

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“My experience with Tradecision has been wonderful. After spending several weeks, generating various models and optimizing them. I hit upon a strategy which was already loaded with the program. I have made several trades based on this model with most satisfactory results. The majority of buy and sell alerts that the program has generated have been profitable.”

L. Williams, GA, USA

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