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Tradecision® - Pricing


Professional Real Time

Takes your trading to a new level. Provides integrated trading with leading

$ 2995



Delivers the power to create and test your strategies

$ 2495


NeatScan Market Scanner

Monitors the market from any angle and provides in-depth information and analysis

$ 599


Price includes:

  • Tradecision trading software
  • Permanent license key file
  • User Manual (a PDF file)
  • Neural Networks Guide (a PDF file)
  • Improvian Language Guide (a PDF file)
  • 1 month technical support
  • Free updates of all minor versions (4.7, 4.8 and later)

Refund Policy

Please note that Tradecision is created for professional traders who understand the specifics of different types of software and technical analysis techniques. Since Tradecision is intended for a professional audience, all our sales are final and we do not refund for any reason. This means that if you buy Tradecision and do not like it, your money cannot be paid back. Please take this into account before buying.