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Key Features

Tradecision® - Key Features

Data Management

  • Data Manager with free end-of-day data downloader (Yahoo & MSN);
  • Streaming data: eSignal, IQfeed, Interactive Brokers;
  • User-configurable ASCII import wizard;
  • Built-in Metastock® and CSI database importer.

Advanced Charting

  • Charts in the line, bar or candlestick styles;
  • Trend-lines, Fibonacci, Gann, Pitchforks, figures and other drawing tools;
  • Up to 6 visible sub-charts;
  • Templates.

Analytical Studies and Indicators

  • More than 10 analytical studies, including Noise Removal, Ingenious Moving Average, trends analysis, patterns, Fibonacci clusters;
  • Hurst Exponent;
  • The most popular indicators, including RSI, %R, MACD, OBV, Stochastics and more;
  • Custom Indicators and Custom Studies;
  • Jurik Research's tools;
  • Custom Time Series.

Money Management

  • Point-and-click money management editor;
  • Stop-loss, trailing stop and profit target rules;
  • Optimal F, Kelly, Fixed Fractional Trades and Williams formulas;
  • Custom Formula for Position Size.

Intraday Trading

  • All techniques in real time;
  • Custom minute charts;
  • eSignal, IQfeed, Interactive Brokers data support;
  • Import MetaStock® and ASCII intraday databases.

Elliott Waves Analysis

  • Automatic wave identification;
  • Automatic corrections identification;
  • Custom wave definition for experts.

Trading Systems Development

  • Strategy Builder;
  • Simulation Manager;
  • Improvian Language;
  • Function Builder;
  • DLL Manager;
  • Portfolio testing;
  • Comprehensive reports and graphs.

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