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Key Features

Data analysis and preprocessing

Save your time with automated column identification and encoding. Identify and encode date/time columns. Perform automatic and manual data partition. Identify and replace/remove data anomalies. Analyze your data with response graph.

Automated network selection

Select fitness criteria along with architecture search method and NeuroIntelligence does the rest. It automatically finds the best architecture offering you graphs of the search process and details for every tested neural network.

Proven training algorithms

The most efficient algorithms, such as Conjugate Gradient Descent, Levenberg-Marquardt, Quick-Propagation, variations of Quasi-Newton and Back-Propagation, are available for neural network training.

Proven techniques

Improve network performance with early-stopping, generalization loss control, outliers and missing values handling, dataset partition, jogging weights, different activation and error functions, weights initialization and more.

Ease of use

NeuroIntelligence was developed with the highest attention to usability. It has intelligible layout, options, reports and descriptions. It offers graphs and results visualization at all stages. You can save all graphs and tables, as well as other results with a single mouse click. Local toolbars and online help are always accessible.

Application in several clicks

After a neural network is tested it can be easily applied to new data. Results are visualized with a response graph. You can apply the selected network to a single case, data file or records from your input dataset. The whole project or only selected neural network can be saved for future use.