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Key Features

  • State-of-the art artificial neural networks

  • Proven algorithms automatically train a network for you

  • Extremely easy interface: you can run your first project within minutes

  • Almost no AI knowledge required: no need to tweak with parameters

  • Dataset size and network size are limited only by available memory

  • Automatic network adjustment for regression or classification problems

  • Rigorously tested on many real-world problems

Smart vs Pro

NeuroFusion Smart was designed to minimize the amount of work and customizations required to train and use the network. You do not need to search for the best network architecture and experiment with different algorithms and parameters.
NeuroFusion Pro was designed for advanced network models and research projects, when you need to have a full control over the network´s construction and training. All parameters are customizable. You can use default values for initial training or write your own code for advanced stopping conditions and online validation.

When you select NeuroFusion for your development needs you get the following benefits:

  1. Reduce development time by several times for your neural network-related part of project
    No need to master neural networks theory, no need to implement and debug neural network engine.
  2. Employ proven, powerful, and efficient neural networks
    You software will be improved with the same neural networks that are used in professional tools designed at Alyuda for neural network experts.
  3. No royalties!
  4. Neural network programs that are compiled with NeuroFusion can be distributed within your company if you purchased Real-Time License or globally if you purchased Integration License.
  5. Improve your company
  6. You can easily improve business intelligence and technological advance in your organization integrating neural networks in decision support systems, process control applications and more.
  7. Get free technical support
  8. All our clients are entitled to get a free technical support and free upgrades until the next major release.