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Alyuda NeuroDienst is licensed per server CPU basis. The number of end users is unlimited. Our customers can choose from several pricing models and contracts based on their specific needs. Alyuda offers two different licenses - perpetual and term licenses - providing customers with the ability to customize their agreements.
  • The perpetual license includes an upfront fee. The customer purchases a license and yearly maintenance for that license (optional).
  • The term license includes an annual fee usually over a one to five year period. The annual fee includes the right to use NeuroDienst.
Below is a brief description of our current core offerings:

Enterprise License

An Enterprise License is a perpetual use license model and pertains to those companies who use the product "in-house" to serve their company's needs within the organization. A customer that chooses an Enterprise License pay an upfront front license fee and can renew additionally a yearly maintenance fee.

Term License

A customer that chooses a Term License does not pay an upfront front license fee. Instead, the customer annually pays the license "lease," which includes support and maintenance for the term of the contract. Under the Term License the customer does not retain perpetual license rights at the end of the contracted term. A longer lease term provides customers with more favorable pricing. The Term License is ideal for customers who do not want to pay a larger upfront fee or who are uncertain of the longevity of specific solutions in their IT infrastructure.

Educational License

The Educational license authorizes the educational institution that purchased this license (a) to install the Software on one server within one Department of an educational institution that purchased this license for the end users - students and employees of this educational institution; (b) use the Software in connection with on-campus computing facilities that are used solely in support of classroom instruction and research activities of students, teaching faculty and staff, and research staff strictly for non-commercial purposes.


The pricing is available upon request. Please contact our Sales Department for exact quotation tailored to your specific needs.