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NeuroDienst is supplied with an example of a front-end application that can be used as the end-user interface for neural models, designed for business purposes. The query application is used to select a neural model, enter or load query data and query the selected model using the NeuroDienst API.

The query application is implemented as an MS Windows desktop application. It is supplied with open source code that allows easy customization for the specific needs of the customer company´s internal staff or 3rd party consultants, if required. The source code can also be used as an example of using the NeuroDienst API correctly.

Typically, every company requires the integration of NeuroDienst with an existing application or special business user interface. The Custom Solutions Department of Alyuda Research offers customization and integration services. Owing to our broad experience in delivering customized solutions to large and medium-sized enterprises, we are in a position to always ensure smooth and project flow.