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By combining NeuroIntelligence and NeuroDienst, you get the following benefits, important for solving problems in your organization.

Complete Solution

Alyuda offers a universal neural network deployment system, including special software for developing high-end neural network models (NeuroIntelligence), a high-performance server-side application (NeuroDienst), and high-quality integration services. Your solution will be directly and completely integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of your organization.

Maximum Quality You Can Achieve with Any Kind of Neural Networks

NeuroIntelligence offers a unique tool set for data mining and neural network experts. Without compromising quality, the system boasts ease-of-use and an extremely convenient user interface. With NeuroIntelligence, you can squeeze maximum from your data and from neural networks. With NeuroDienst you can grant access to these models and improve the efficiency of your decision support.

Proven Track Record

Alyuda´s NeuroIntelligence and NeuroDienst are widely used by a number of internationally renowned companies and organizations around the world for performing a wide range of data-mining, data analysis and decision support tasks. The solution is rigorously tested on many real-world problems.


NeuroDienst is designed to easily work in multi-server load balanced environments and ensures a high speed of query processing. The dataset size, query size and neural model size are limited only by the available memory.

Fast integration

The integration time is reduced significantly due to the optimized design of the NeuroDienst API, offering only a minimum set of functions. Even 3rd party consultants or your own programmers who are not familiar with neural networks or statistics can promptly integrate NeuroDienst into different business applications.