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With the traditional approach to neural network´s use, an expert uses NeuroIntelligence to perform the preprocessing steps, apply training algorithms, and visualize the forecasting results produced by the neural network. The goal is to find new and interesting patterns in the data and use the acquired knowledge for making better business decisions. The integration of the acquired knowledge into the operational business processes of the company is, normally, done in an ad-hoc manner.

With NeuroDienst, the focus shifts toward a neural network engine´s easy and direct integration into a business application. The target audience consists of the business-type end users who need an easy-to-use interface for visualizing and managing data-mining results and their smooth integration into the existing environment.

Owing to NeuroDienst, neural networks are longer thought of as a set of stand-alone techniques, that can hardly find any business application.

The above solution architecture will allow you to get the following advantages over the traditional approach:
  • Faster time- to- market and loop closure;
  • Real-time analytics;
  • Leveraging the existing IT skills;
  • Building repeatable processes and tasks;
  • Efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Cost- reduction of mining analytics.