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Key Features

Reliable forecasting

High quality forecasting and classification due to employment of the latest achievements in artificial neural networks. Only proven techniques and algorithms are implemented in Alyuda Forecaster. The latest technology improvements are carefully selected and tested by Alyuda Research experts on a comprehensive set of real-world applications. Better technology means better forecasting. And Alyuda Forecaster will bring it to you.

Exceptional ease of use with Wizard-like interface

Comparing to other neural network packages, Alyuda Forecaster is one step ahead in giving its users comfort and freeing them from necessity to learn details of neural network theory.
The Wizard-like interface greatly simplifies the process of creating a neural network needed for forecasting. The extensive context-sensitive help is always available.

Basic, Standard and Expert Mode

Users who want to get forecast values the quickest way possible will enjoy Basic Mode. It has the minimum number of steps, does not display intermediate results and requires minimum actions from a user. Standard Mode is beneficial for users who just start using the power of neural networks for their forecasting. When these users gain confidence or want to use more advanced features, the Expert Mode full-packed with features is just a click away.

Forecasting in several clicks

To start forecasting simply double click on previously created neural network file listed in Windows Explorer, enter your input data and make one more click to get your forecasting ready. Pure Forecasting Mode eliminates spare steps and provides a convenient interface for forecasting only.

Automated network selection

Alyuda Forecaster will help you in selecting the most appropriate model for you forecasting. It runs an optimization process which finds suitable model automatically and saves you a lot of time.

A lot of available training algorithms and parameters

The most efficient algorithms, like Conjugate Gradient Descent, Levenberg-Marquardt, Quick-Propagation, variations of Back-Propagation, are available for neural network training. Wizard can automatically select the most suitable algorithm for your case or you can experiment with algorithms and their parameters yourself.

Great capabilities of automatic and manual data preparation

You data will be automatically analyzed and transformed to be suitable for neural network. If you have special knowledge of how your data should be preprocessed, just switch to Expert Mode and you will have a full control of every detail of data preprocessing.

Comprehensive Reporting

Need to report your forecasting activity or save results of your work in presentable format? No problem. Alyuda Forecaster will allow you to customize your reports as well as save them as Excel, HTML or TXT.