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Software for Insurance Industry - Innovations to Keep Competitors at Bay

In the current extremely unstable environment, insurance companies are constantly facing the necessity to manage and analyse huge loads of data in their decision-making process. At the same time, their customers are demanding instant response and the highest level of service.

With the increasingly competitive market, it becomes almost vital for insurance companies to use cutting-edge decision analytics solutions in their everyday activity.

Today Alyuda Research offers a range of simple, yet powerful solutions assisting insurance companies across the full customer life cycle. The solutions provided solve the most critical problems for insurance business:

  • Fast and efficient application processing and decisioning. Provides accurate risk assessment, casualty scoring, and fraud detection and makes it possible to make the most appropriate offer.

  • Application fraud prevention. Allows authenticating customers, detection of potentially fraudulent applications and identifying fraudsters at the point of application.

Alyuda Research is totally focused on a new generation of technologies that are based on proven and emerging achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, enabling you to benefit from the latest ground-breaking advances in the decision analytics methodology and software product support.

With Alyuda business intelligence software, insurance companies can attract more customers, reduce operational time and costs, and allocate their resources more efficiently.

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