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Take a Tour

BrokerBOOSTER® - Video Tours

Watching our BrokerBOOSTER® product videos is a great way to get familiar with the numerous benefits offered by BrokerBOOSTERTER® trading platform. The videos will be played in a separate window.

You will need Macromedia Flash Player to watch the BrokerBOOSTER® product videos. If you do not have the Macromedia Flash Player plug-in installed on your computer, you can download it.

Should you have any questions concerning the tours, please contact us.

BrokerBOOSTER® Overview
Download as .exe file (4.8 MB)

Learn about all the opportunities provided by BrokerBOOSTER® extensive functionality.

BrokerBOOSTER® Advanced Charting Functionality
Download as .exe file (4.8 MB)

Explore the unique set of features BrokerBOOSTER® provides for making data management and charting as easy and comfortable as possible: tabbed document lay-out, overlapping bar series, pyramid view, semitransparent data window and others.

BrokerBOOSTER® Drawing Tools
Download as .exe file (4.6 MB)

Get familiar with the extensive palette of BrokerBOOSTER® drawing tools.