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Key Features

BrokerBOOSTER® - Key Features

The main distinguishing feature of BrokerBOOSTER is its modular architecture allowing any of the modules described below to be easily aggregated into one item of stand-alone software.

Data Manager 1. Data Manager. Provides functionality for collecting and maintaining market data through intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Streaming data - eSignal and Interactive Brokers data feeds available;
  • Data available in Flat-style (organized by symbols) and Tree-style (organized by market sector) views;
  • Easy-to-use Symbol Look-up tool;
  • Allows importing data in CSV format;
  • Modifiable symbol parameters.
2. Built-in Symbol Database. Contains a large number of entries for all major exchanges which can be easily extended.
  • Includes Forex, Futures, Indices and Stocks;
  • Database contains historical price data for all symbols.
Watchlist 3. Watchlist. Provides functionality for monitoring the most influential symbols by creating custom security lists.
  • The list can be adjusted in maximum 7 different customizable views (various indicators and symbol parameters can be displayed);
  • Securities can be grouped in lists by market structure or by various dynamically calculated characteristics;
  • Data displayed in watchlist can be automatically synchronized with the main chart window;
  • Symbols from watchlist can be viewed in the main chart window as a slideshow;
  • Any symbol from watchlist can be easily dragged into any chart window.
Advanced Charting 4. Advanced Charting. Provides functionality for plotting and analyzing OHLC bar graphics.
  • Up to 10 visible sub-charts for any chart window;
  • Tabbed document layout;
  • Each chart can be customized with lines, text, colors, bar spacing and time frames;
  • Extensive palette of drawing tools (Trend Lines, Circles, Rectangles, Triangles, Text Labels, Fibonacci Tools, Andrews Pitchfork, Speed-resistance lines, Time Cycles);
  • Over 40 technical indicators available;
  • Overlapping bar series with semitransparent secondary bar series can be viewed;
  • Bar series and indicators can be easily customized (colors, transparency, bar types);
  • Charts smart zooming and scrolling is available through using a mouse wheel;
  • Magnifying Glass feature allows viewing bar expansion simply by hovering the pointer over it;
  • With Order Visualization feature, trading activity can be indicated on the charts.
Data Window 5. Data Window is a semitransparent window that serves for the refinement and detailed elaboration of the financial information.
Pyramid view 6. Pyramid view allows viewing several (from 2 to 5) charts, for the same security and time period, with different periodicity (from 1 minute to 1 hour), simultaneously on the same screen. The number of the displayed bars decreases from chart to chart as the periodicity changes, which creates the "pyramid effect".
Relativity Panel 7. Relativity Panel. A tool for intermarket analysis. Allows exploring relationships between movements of different assets and applying forethought to various market interdependences.
  • Comparison to another stock, market leader, index, sector or industry movement available;
  • Relative Strength calculation.
Indicator Palette 8. Indicator Palette. Provides functionality for easy monitoring the dynamics of all relevant indicators.
  • Any indicator can be added to a palette with a couple of clicks;
  • Indicators can be organized in user-defined groups;
  • Indicator strips, consisting of five squares, show what is happening to the indicator on the last five bars;
  • Any indicator can be easily dragged into the chart.
9. Moving Averages Panel. Allows putting moving averages to graphics with a single click.
Influence Map 10. Influence Map. Allows a trader to compare the Relative Strength and Pearson Correlation of different pairs of securities. The Influence Map automatically determines the minimum and maximum deviations. For convenience of use, the values of correlation levels are also shown in different colors according to their calculated coefficients.
Training mode 11. Training mode allows practicing trading skills using past price data for the selected time period.
Trading Panel 12. Trading Panel. Contains tools which help set parameters of an order and then send it, as well as information about Bid and Ask prices and current Account size. The following parameters of Trade Orders are specified:
  • Order Type: Market, Stop, Limit or Stop/Limit;
  • Position: number of units to be bought/sold;
  • Limit Price: the price of the order execution in the case when Order Type is Limit or Stop/Limit;
  • Stop Price: the price of the order execution in the case when Order Type is Stop or Stop/Limit;
  • TIF (Time in Force): Can be GTC (Good Till Cancel) or GTD (Good Till Day).

13. Order Window. Allows monitoring trading activity. It consists of the following sections:
  • Open Orders - displays information about the open orders;
  • Executions - displays the list of filled orders from the moment of the application start;
  • History - contains the complete list of orders, including filled and canceled orders, as well as error messages;
  • Portfolio - displays information about open positions.
14. Different Workspaces can be saved and set as default once they are adjusted, providing an easy, fast and convenient work start each time the software is launched.