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Business Models

BrokerBOOSTER® - Business Models

We believe that in today´s rapidly changing business environment it is all about flexibility. That is why we offer you to choose your own way to run your business gaining maximum benefit from our solution.

Flat Fee

Choosing our Flat Fee business model you get full control over your expenses.

Once you are charged a flat fee for the software system development and setup you are free to take all the benefits it brings.

The fee being charged includes actual cost of the software system along with our expenses for customization, integration and deployment of software.

The price also includes 2 months of free 24/7 technical support of your staff or the complete training course to prevent any possible issues your personnel may face when switching to new software.

Percentage Commission

This business model requires NO investment capital at all which makes it even more comfortable to start working with us. You start paying only when our solution starts generating profit for you.

We work with you on the Percentage Commission basis. This means that we will be taking a fixed percentage out of each transaction made through our software on a monthly basis.

Basically, the process is scheduled as follows:

  1. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to make you confident that you may share with us safely all the information required for further cooperation.

  2. We make a preliminary research on your existing trading system and API, providing you with an expert consultation on the best way to integrate your system with our solution, and an estimation of time and efforts needed for necessary API improvement / redevelopment and system integration.

  3. You are charged an insignificant Retainer Fee to make the deal binding. This is the ONLY payment we are taking upfront.

  4. Our team performs all necessary software customization / extension / re-development, integration with the trading platform and testing for FREE.

  5. Your software is tested by a limited sample of users (Beta-testing).

  6. Your white-labeled system becomes available for your end-clients.

  7. The software up and running, you are charged a fixed percentage commission for each transaction made through our software.

To discuss all the stages in details please feel free to contact us >>

Total Software Development Department Buyout

For those our customers who may require further continuous development of the software system and feel uncomfortable about setting up their own infrastructure provisioning new kind of operations we offer our special ‘Total Software Development Department Buyout´ model.

It will allow you to concentrate on your main activity without spending much time and efforts establishing and running new infrastructure.

Within this business model you are charged a flat monthly fee. In fact, when paying this fee you pay for establishing and running a remote software development and support department which will act as a part of your company.

The team dedicated to you will undertake software customization and tailoring to your requirements, integration with your existing order management system, technical support for your end-clients, and further development and scaling the product in the way you define.

With our buyout offer you will get all the benefits of having a team of IT professionals with your interests as the first priority.