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Product Info

Neural network C++ and C# library


Programming neural networks now easy

Alyuda NeuroFusion is a general-purpose neural network library that can be used to create, train and apply constructive neural networks for solving both regression and classification problems.

The NeuroFusion neural library is available in two editions: classic neural library for VB, Delphi and C++ neural networks programming and .Net library for C# neural programming. With NeuroFusion you don't need to learn neural net theory, the library can automatically define the best neural network architecture and training parameters for your dataset.

Enhance your software


Save development time

Artificial Intelligence provides the key neural library functionality that enhances customer satisfaction, increases forecasting and data analysis accuracy as well as enabling your software to outpace the competition and distinguishes it from other similar products.

All theoretical information is hidden inside the neural network library. You do not have to do any tweaking using different training parameters or experiment with different neural network architectures, activation functions, stopping conditions, and so on. Your neural programming time is reduced significantly due to the fact that you will interface with an easy API with a minimum set of neural network library functions.